GoGlobal’s quarterly newsletter January-March 2023

//GoGlobal’s quarterly newsletter January-March 2023


We are highly grateful for your support of GoGlobal, our projects and eventually – Ukrainian teachers and students. Meantime we are sharing the results of the first quarter of 2023 – we launched new projects and held traditional camps, piloted new formats and revived old ones. 

So, here’s our news:  


Initiatives for students and youth

Initiatives for teachers

Building and developing volunteers community

Popularization of the English language

Development of internal organizational capacity


GoGlobal, as an educational foundation, has been engaged in psycho-emotional support for teachers and students since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. We are strengthening this line of our work through sustainable cooperation with the NGO «Barrier-Free»/ГО Безбар’єрність. We have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation for further work to develop and promote activities aimed at strengthening the psychological resilience of Ukrainian children and youth, fostering the habit of taking care of their mental health, psycho-emotional support for teachers and students, promoting the development of inclusive education in Ukraine, etc. 

Our cooperation is part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program initiated by First Lady Olena Zelenska.

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Art of Resilience Winter Camp

As Russia continued its unprovoked horrible destructive missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure in winter 2023, children were especially vulnerable to constant blackouts, having poor internet connection and general worsening of normal living conditions, GoGlobal, under the support of SNAP, organized a two-week program “Winter Creative Camp: Art of Resilience” focused on arts and creativity with therapeutic effect for teenagers to help them master anxiety and find the solid ground to feel secure. 

1130 school children from 130 schools located all over Ukraine, together with their 212 teachers, joined the program. Art of Resilience camp became a breath of fresh air for students. Kids were excited even when working during blackouts or hiding in shelters during air raid sirens. Moreover, the program had therapeutic and inspiring effects for the participants:

  • 9 speakers covered such topics as art, stop motion, design, AR, photo, animation, storytelling 
  • 339 creative team projects were designed by means of newly acquainted  tools and presented by students. 

The social media campaign resulted in 103 000 total audience reach with 1400+ reactions and 6454 Youtube views of the camp records.

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Speaking Clubs

The GoGlobal Speaking Club is an in-house project, which is really meaningful to all of us because it’s a throwback to our very beginning, to promoting English in Ukraine and supporting children in learning it. The GoGlobal Speaking Club is a virtual space where children communicate English with people from various parts of the world, having different cultures and traditions. They can enhance their communication skills and hear English in all the diversity of international languages.

The first wave of clubs includes 1140 children and teenagers from all over Ukraine. 86 schools and 87 teachers have joined our project. 35 volunteers from 21 countries have joined the GoGlobal Speaking Club.

Students, teachers, and volunteers demonstrated an enormous interest in this project, so we are not going to stop and continue it!

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Together with the SavED Foundation, where we are the co-founders, we launched the UActive project.  It aims at involving students in shoring up their communities. About 100 students from 5 schools in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions are developing and implementing projects to help their school and community. The students learn project management, entrepreneurship principles, design thinking etc. 

We are deeply convinced that Ukrainian society and communities should become stronger than ever before. To do this, we need to make substantial investments in a generation of Ukrainian youth able to  take responsibility, be local agents of change, and create the environment they want to live in. That is why we created and keep on developing this project.

The youth initiative #ВліпиЗаСебе having been implemented by GoGlobal since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine highlights the transformational processes that Ukrainian youth are currently undergoing. With this aim #ВліпиЗаСебе organizes various online and offline activities aimed at inspiring young people to be proactive, join volunteering activities and become a role model for others.

During January-March 2023 the project released a powerful video about Ukrainians who bring victory closer every day to popularize volunteering, civic engagement and activism among young people together with 8 types of visual printed materials distributed among TA afterwards. The project also engaged 37 influencers and opinion leaders to the informational campaign and released 35 joint publications on Ukrainian media platforms popular among the TA.

The social networks and media information campaign had a total reach of 1,000,899. Besides, this initiative also held a series of offline meetings with volunteers and activists to inspire youth to be active to bring victory closer. There were 88 participants who made blindage candles, learned how to assemble tactical first aid kits and discussed what can be done by each and every one of us right now to support Ukraine.

Youth initiative



VOA Learning English

Together with Voice of America Learning English specialists, we have launched training for English teachers on how to use the Learning English service, which is one of the most useful resources for those who teach or learn English.

From January to March 2022, more than 200 teachers got online training from Voice of America specialists. We have gathered more than 1000 applications, so we are negotiating with our partners to continue the program.

Cascades trainings

GoGlobal is implementing a psycho-emotional support program for Ukrainian schools. As part of this program, more than 400 teachers and school psychologists in the Chernihiv region have already received basic psychological knowledge and skills in providing first aid and recognizing signs of stress in children. 

The pilot project was launched in the Chernihiv region, as it is one of the regions most affected by the full-scale war, and some of its border areas are still in great danger. Local children have gone through many difficult experiences and need psychological support here and now.  

The program is held in the format of cascade training: experienced trainers teach a group of school teachers and psychologists, and further they pass on their knowledge to colleagues from their own schools and others.

Israel Trauma Coalition

In cooperation with the NGO «Barrier-Free”/ГО “Безбар’єрність», we arranged training for  school psychologists and teachers with experts from the Israel Trauma Coalition. 

The training is aimed at learning basic self-help skills and first aid in crisis situations. The participants learned how to talk to children and parents about the war; how teachers should respond to acute situations (shelling, panic attacks, etc.) and what a child’s reaction might be; loss (in a student’s family, in a colleague’s family) – how and why it should be talked about; professional burnout and the importance of mutual support; and the peculiarities of online learning in times of war.

22 educators attended this training and they can now train and help their colleagues.

Presentation of research results and a large educational conference «Educational Front»

At the end of last year, we conducted research on the impact of the war on educators. The results are available here. In January, we presented our research results to journalists, educators, experts, etc.  

1259 participants registered for the event, including 900 representatives of schools and 67 representatives of education departments. 258 representatives of public society joined the discussion. 

More than 1,000 viewers watched our press conference, and more than 2,000 viewers watched the professional educational conference.

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show signs of stress

Монтажна область 37@3x



Educational front. What to do with teacher burnout and lack of motivation among children. Column by GoGlobal Director Tetiana Kovryha


Generation RE: How the generation of winners is growing up to develop the country after the war. Column by Ksana Nechyporenko, Head of the Board of GoGlobal


Interview with GoGlobal CEO Ksana Nechiporenko by Voice of America


An article with tips from GoGlobal's education project manager Liubov Zalyubovska on how to How a teacher can provide first psychological aid to students

We ask for your support!
Crowdfunding for summer GoGlobal Camps

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to launch summer camps for children. 

Help us organize camps for as many Ukrainian children as possible and teach them the necessary soft skills, time management, train their creativity and improve their English.


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