Foreigners created the huge map of the world in the city center of Kyiv

//Foreigners created the huge map of the world in the city center of Kyiv

Hundreds of volunteers from 50 countries, who came to volunteer in GoCamp village schools, created the huge map on Maidan near the Stela there is a unique message on each country from their representatives. This art object became the symbol of the fact that Ukraine is open to the whole world and is grateful to GoCamp volunteers, who are doing an invaluable contribution to our country. Yes, during the last three years 1000 volunteers from all over the world have been working with ukrainian schoolchildren.

GoCamp it’s the biggest volunteering initiative in Eastern Europe, that is called to change ukrainian children’s life: volunteers from different countries are traveling to the most distant corners of Ukraine to teach kids to overcome the language barriers and motivate schoolchildren to believe in their own strength.


“The program has started with 100 volunteers and now this program unites thousands of volunteers from the whole planet, who promote Ukraine on the different continents and encourage to visit the heart of Europe. Every third foreigner comes back to volunteer in Ukraine for the second, third or fourth time, helping ukrainian schoolchildren to acquire 21 century skills”, — said the NGO “Global Office” co-founder and MP Mustafa Nayem during the opening of the project.

Foreign volunteers in the center of Kyiv were also greeted by the US Charge d’Affaires, temporarily accredited by Christine A. Quinn, the French Embassy’s attache Fabriz Peto and Christopher Holmes, director of teaching from the British Council. Generally 14 ambassadors help to invite foreign volunteers from all  around the world to implement GoCamp’s keymission — form the generation of leaders.

“It would be impossible to build a strong and recognizable GoCamp volunteer-education program in different parts of the world without the support of powerful diplomatic structures. Our joint mission is to have GoCamp graduates in every small Ukrainian town or village who talk to the world in one language and build  successful Ukraine”, — said Oksana Nechyporenko, director of the NGO Global Office.

From 9 to June 21 foreigners will volunteer in urban and rural schools throughout Ukraine, motivate children to break the language barriers, learn to think critically and creatively, be tolerant and communicate in a multicultural environment. Ukrainian teachers with the support of the Ministry of Education in Ukraine will help volunteers to adapt to the places. Teachers, in collaboration with volunteers, will introduce innovative foreign language teaching methods and encourage children to learn the world.


“When we initiated the GoCamp project, we knew that language camps were not a goal but a way of learning a language. And it really has a great significance for modern Ukraine, because English is the language of business and innovation, which are an integral part of the development of our country. In 2016, 9,000 children from 126 schools from all over Ukraine participated in the GoCamp pilot project. Today it  looks like a drop at sea, but later we will talk about the whole generation, which has been trained by the GoCamp program”, — said Vadym Karandy, the Deputy Minister of Education in Ukraine.

GoCamp is also supported by two major Ukrainian companies: mobile operator Kyivstar and agro holding MHP. Companies will introduce unique teaching methods for children to develop entrepreneurial skills and increase civic consciousness among schoolchildren.

“It is very important for us to give students the opportunity to learn the skills of the 21st century, to learn critical thinking and the basics of leadership, to learn how to use digital tools and to gain new knowledge. Kyivstar owns such a resource — both technological and expert, and has been supporting GoCamp project for three consecutive years. This year, Kyivstar, together with GoGlobal, plans to teach GoCamp students the innovative and entrepreneurial culture. Educational development is one of the priorities of our company. For us it’s an investment in the Ukrainian future”, — said Kyivstar CEO Oleksandr Komarov.


“MHP is a socially responsible business, so it’s important for us to support volunteer initiatives. Volunteers in pairs with Ukrainian teachers will help children in remote villages learn to think globally, not to be afraid to speak a foreign language, to become more conscious and active residents of their communities. Our company will continue to work in the direction aimed at developing a young progressive generation”said Victoria Nagirnyak”, — Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Department at MHP.

The event was held with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Ukraine.

“GoCamp is more than a language learning. This is a project that brings together active young people from Ukraine and other countries, promotes its integration and transnational exchange of experience, shapes the values of youth, in particular national self-awareness, tolerance and active citizenship”, — summed up the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Oleksandr Yarema.

Volunteers will disperse in hundreds of schools all over Ukraine next week, where teachers, pupils and host families will be waiting for them. Journalists may contact for additional information on volunteering in a particular city or village at the contact number — 096 466 92 10, the GoGlobal PR manager Olha Yurieva.