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Goglobal Educational Foundation Public Report 2023

2023 shaped the mission and main directions for GoGlobal that determined our path and activity strategy. First and foremost, is for whom we work – these are young men and women whose adolescence was affected by a full-scale war. Yet, despite this, they do their best to develop their communities, create educational, cultural and technological projects, and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We call these children the «PokolinniaPeremohy» (Generation of Victory). They are our most valuable asset. Educating, motivating, and supporting them are our main goals.

2023 became the year of growth for GoGlobal. The foundation has changed, reimagined the main vector, launched new business dimensions, rebooted the internal structure to be at its peak capacity, utilize every opportunity to grow and improve education in Ukraine.

We have transformed ourselves not only in content but also in image. Rebranding: from now on, we have a new logo and visual style that reflect the internal changes.

We reshaped ourselves and the world around us. More details are available in the Annual Report.

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