List of schools who will participate in 2019

//List of schools who will participate in 2019


Applications and creative tasks of 360 schools from all over Ukraine received high marks from the selection committee.

As on April 21, 2019, the following schools were selected for GoCamp-2019 program:


School Region City Session
Municipal institution “Katerynopil educational complex 2″” secondary school – pre-school” Cherkaska Katerynopil May 30-June14
Viazivok secondary school of I-III degrees of Gorodische district council of Cherkasy region Cherkaska Viazivok May 30-June14
Cherkasy gymnasium 9 named after O.M. Lutsenko Cherkaska Cherkasy May 30-June14
Dubiyivka secondary school Cherkaska Dubiyivka May 30-June14
Lyceum of Stepantsi Cherkaska Stepantsi May 30-June14
Cherkasy specialised school 28 after T.H.Shevchenko Cherkaska Cherkasy May 30-June14
Cherkasy Secondary School 30 Cherkaska Cherkasy May 30-June14
Khutory general secondary school of I-III degrees Cherkaska Khutory May 30-June14
Smila school 1 Cherkaska Smila May 30-June14
Korsun-Shevchenkivska School#1 Cherkaska Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi May 30-June14
Morynskyi Educational School Complex Cherkaska Moryntsi May 30-June14
Katerynopil Lyceum Cherkaska Katerynopil May 30-June14
Cherepyn educational complex Cherkaska Cherepyn May 30-June14
School of Budyshche Cherkaska Budyshche May 30-June14
School of Moshny Cherkaska Moshny May 30-June14
First City Gymnasia Cherkaska Cherkasy May 30-June14
Monastyryshche specialized school 5 Cherkaska Monastyryshche May 30-August 23
Buzivka`s institution of general secondary education of I-III degrees Cherkaska Buzivka June 06-June 21
Zhashkiv Specialized School 1 with advanced study of partcular subjects Cherkaska Zhashkiv June 06-June 21
Horodyshche economic lyceum Cherkaska Horodyshche June 06-June 21
Secondary school #2 of Chervona Soboda Cherkaska Chervona Sloboda June 06-June 21
Lozuvatka Secondary School of I-III Grades Cherkaska Lozuvatka June 06-June 21
School of Leplyavo Cherkaska village Leplyavo August-August 23
Lesky school  Cherkasy District Council  Cherkasy Oblast Cherkaska Lesky Village August-August 23
Shostakovo Educational Complex “Preschool Educational Establishment – Secondary School of I-II Degrees” “ Cherkaska Shostakovo August-August 23
Communal education institution “Katerinopol’ teaching and educational complex №1 “Of general education school I-III degrees – preschool educational institution. Cherkaska Katerinopil August-August 23
Martynivka school Cherkaska Martynivka August-August 23
Talalaivka Secondary School Chernigivska Talalaivka May 30-June14
Dubovohaivska secondary school Chernigivska Dubovyi Hai June 06-June 21
School of Bileyky I-III degrees, Kozelets’ region, Chernigov district Chernigivska Bileyky(Chernigiv region Kozelets’ dstrict) June 06-June 21
Out-of-school educational institution “Center for children and youth tourism and excursions” of the Department of Education and Science of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration Chernigivska Chernihiv June 06-June 21
Babyn Secondary School Chernivetska village of Babyn June 06-June 21
Chernivtsi school 39 Chernivetska Chernivtsi June 06-June 21
Chernivtsi gymnasium 5 Chernivetska Chernivtsi June 06-June 21
Chernivtsi Gymnasium #2 Chernivetska Chernivtsi June 06-June 21
Dolishniy Shepit secondary school Chernivetska Dolyshniy Shepit August-August 23
Educational Complex 148 ” Planet of Happiness” Dnipropetrovska Dnipro May 30-June14
Pavlograd school № 11 Dnipropetrovska Pavlograd May 30-June14
Kryvyi Rih Educational Complex #129 Dnipropetrovska Kryvyi Rih May 30-June14
Sofiivka hub school Dnipropetrovska Sofiivka June 06-June 21
Kryvorizka school №112 Dnipropetrovska Kryvyi Rih June 06-June 21
Krivoy Rog gymnasium 91 Kryvyi Rih city Council of Dnipropetrovsk region Dnipropetrovska Kryvyi Rih June 06-June 21
Petropavlivska Secondary School#1 Dnipropetrovska Petropavlivka June 06-June 21
Kryvyi Rih specialized school of I-III degrees №71 Dnipropetrovska Kryvyi Rih June 06-June 21
Pershotravens’ka secondary school № 3 Dnipropetrovska Pershotravens’k June 06-June 21
Kurylivka Comprehensive Secondary School Dnipropetrovska Kurylivka June 06-June 21
Secondary school#4 Dnipropetrovska Pershotravensk August-August 23
Chumakivka Secondary School of the I-III degree Tomakivka Village Council Dnipropetrovska Chumaky August-August 23
Educational Complex of Myrnohdad Donetska Myrnohrad May 30-August 23
Novodmytrivka school Donetska Novodmytrivka June 06-June 21
Bilozerska secondary school I-III degrees № 14 Donetska Bilozerske June 06-June 21
Pryvillia Secondary School Donetska Pryvillia June 06-June 21
Bilozerska secondary school#13 Dоbropillya city council Donetska Bilozerske June 06-June 21
educational complex #1 Donetska Pokrovsk June 06-June 21
Secondary school of Donskoye Donetska Donskoye August-August 23
The General Educational Gymnasium Donetska Selydove August-August 23
Bilozerska school # 15 Donetska Biloserske August-August 23
Comprehensive school#5 Ivano-Frankivska Kolomyia town May 30-June14
Kolomyia Lyceum#9 Ivano-Frankivska Kolomyia May 30-June14
Lyceum of Maniava Ivano-Frankivska Maniava May 30-June14
Olievo-Korolivska ZOSh I-SS lev Ivano-Frankivska Olievo-Korolivka May 30-June14
Secondary school in Serafyntsi Ivano-Frankivska Serafyntsi May 30-June14
School of Lisnyi Khlibychyn Ivano-Frankivska Lisnyi Khlibychyn June 06-June 21
Kolomyia specialized school I-III Dr. #1 named after V. Stefanyk Ivano-Frankivska Kolomyia June 06-June 21
Bolekhiv school 1 Ivano-Frankivska Bolekhiv June 06-June 21
Velykokamianskyi litsei (The Lyceum of Velyka Kamianka) Ivano-Frankivska Velyka Kamianka June 06-June 21
Putyatynska school Ivano-Frankivska Putyatyntsy June 06-June 21
Nadvirna Secondary School №1 Ivano-Frankivska Nadvirna June 06-June 21
Bolekhiv School 2 Ivano-Frankivska Bolekhiv June 06-June 21
Deliatyn Lyceum №2 Ivano-Frankivska Deliatyn August-August 23
Mizhrichchia school Ivano-Frankivska Mizhrichchia August-August 23
Starvyvidetskaya gymnasium Ivano-Frankivska Staryy Hvizdetsʹ August-August 23
Grinivska gymnasium Ivano-Frankivska Grinivka August-August 23
Kharkiv Technological Lyceum #9 Kharkivska Kharkiv May 30-June14
Chuhuiv Repin secondary school #1 Kharkivska Chuhuiv June 06-June 21
Chuhuiv educational complex “School of I-III levels – gymnasium #5” Kharkivska Chuhuiv June 06-June 21
Chuhuiv school 2 Chuhuiv city council Kharkivska Chuhuiv June 06-June 21
Donets Secondary  School #2 of Balakliia District Counsil of Kharkiv Region Kharkivska Donets August-August 23
The Vysokopillya specialized boarding-school “Obdarovanist” Khersonska Vysokopillya May 30-June14
Kherson Gymnasium 1 Khersonska Kherson May 30-June14
establishment of upper comprehensive secondary education of Dobropillya Khersonska Village of Dobropillya May 30-June14
Novotroitskaya secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees № 1 of Novotroitsk district council Khersonska Novotroitske June 06-June 21
Skadovsk Secondary School #3 Khersonska Skadovsk June 06-June 21
Beryslav secondary school № 1 Khersonska Beryslav June 06-June 21
School of Borozenske Khersonska Borozenske June 06-June 21
School of Lyubymivka І-ІІІ degrees  Lyubymivka village council Novovorontsovka district Khersonska Lyubymivka August-August 23
The institution of full general secondary education of Beryslav #3 Khersonska Beryslav August-August 23
The school of Dudchany Khersonska Dudchany August-August 23
Skadovsk Hub-school “Academic Gymnasium” Khersonska Skadovsk August-August 23
Novostavetska secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees of Teofipol district council of Khmelnytska region Khmelnytska Novostavtsy May 30-June14
Educational complex 9 Khmelnytska Khmelnytskyi May 30-June14
Khmelnytskyi Specialized Comprehensive School #19 named after academician Mykhailo Pavlovskyi Khmelnytska Khmelnytskyi May 30-June14
Sushivtsi lyceum of Bilohiria district council Khmelnytska Sushivtsi May 30-June14
Shybenska Secondary School Khmelnytska Shybena May 30-June14
Korov’ye school Khmelnytska Korov’ye May 30-June14
Myklashi gymnesium Khmelnytska Myklashi May 30-June14
Kolisets school Khmelnytska Kolssets May 30-June14
Gymnasium of Didkivtsi Khmelnytska Didkivtsi May 30-June14
Secondary school I – II stages of Chovhuziv Khmelnytska Chovhuziv May 30-June14
Secondary school №4 o Polonne Khmelnytska Polonne June 06-June 21
The cultural center ‘’The Education Wing’’ Khmelnytska Slavuta August-August 23
The secondary school of Bilohorodka Khmelnytska Bilohorodka August-August 23
Sosnivka gymnasium of Bilohirsk settlement council Khmelnytska Sosnivka August-August 23
Bilohiria Lyceum Khmelnytska Bilohirya August-August 23
Kirovograd Collegium Kirovogradska Kropyvnytskiy May 30-June14
Municipal Establishment”Teaching -Educational Union №6″Specialized Secondary School of I-III grades,Aesthetic Upbringing Centre” Nathnenia” Kirovogradska Kropyvnytskyi May 30-June14
TEC “Secondary school №3-gymnasium” Kirovogradska Znamianka May 30-June14
Public institution ” School of Verblyuzhka ” Secondary school- Kindergarten- Centre of Afterschool Activity”” Kirovogradska Verblyuzhka May 30-June14
MI ” Bokove basic institution of secondary education of I-III degrees of the Dolynskyy district council” Kirovogradska Bokove May 30-June14
Community Establishment “Haivoron Lyceum #1” Kirovogradska Haivoron June 06-June 21
Supporting general educational establishment of Zagalzivske NVО “General school of І-ІІІ of degrees – the preschool” Kyivska Zagalzi May 30-June14
Humanitarian Gymnasium of Piskivka Kyivska Piskivka May 30-June14
Berezan secendary school of stages I-III №2 Kyivska Berezan May 30-June14
Yahotyn Specilized School N 3 Kyivska Yahotyn May 30-June14
Berezan Educational Complex Kyivska Berezan May 30-June14
Hrebinky gymnasium Kyivska Hrebinky May 30-June14
Kozhuhovskaya secondary school of І-ІІ degrees Kyivska Kozhukhivka May 30-June14
Horenychi secondary school Kyivska Horenychi May 30-June14
Denykhivska’s secondary school of the I-III grades of the Tetiev district council of the Kiev region Kyivska Denykhivka May 30-June14
School of Cherniakhiv Kyivska Cherniakhiv May 30-June14
Kaharlyk hub school №3 Kyivska Kaharlyk May 30-June14
Hora secondary school of l-lll levels Kyivska Hora May 30-June14
Sviatoshyn Gymnasium Kyivska Kyiv May 30-June14
Lyceum 144 named after H.Vaschenka Kyivska Kyiv May 30-June14
Usіvs’kij NVK “ZOSH І-ІІ stupenіv-dityachij sadok” Kyivska Usіvka May 30-June14
specialized secondary school №5 Kyivska Bucha May 30-June14
Lemeshivkaschool I-IIIst. Kyivska Lemeshivka May 30-June14
Slavutych secondary school I-III stages №4 Kyivska Slavutych May 30-June14
Semenivska school Kyivska Semenivka May 30-June14
Secondary general educational institution Novoolexandrivskyi EC “Secondary school of I-III degrees – Kindergarten Kyivska Nova Olexandrivka June 06-June 21
Boryspil academic lyceum Kyivska Boryspil June 06-June 21
Hrebinky Comprehensive School Kyivska Hrebinky June 06-June 21
Communal institution of the Kyiv Regional Council “Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky boarding school” Patriot “ Kyivska Pereyaslav-Khm. June 06-June 21
lyceum 157 Kyivska Kyiv June 06-June 21
Reference secondary educational institution Mirivka secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees Kyivska Myrivka June 06-June 21
Myrne Secondary School of I-III levels Kyivska Myrne June 06-June 21
Bila Tserkva educational complex “Gymnasia 1 – primary school” Kyivska Bila Tserkva June 06-June 21
Stare School Kyivska Stare June 06-June 21
Specializing language school #9 Kyivska Bila Tserkva June 06-June 21
Soshnykiv School Kyivska Soshnykiv June 06-June 21
School of Danylivka Kyivska Danylivka, Vasylkiv district August-August 23
Veselynivka Educational Complex” school I-II level -preschool” of Baryshivka village council Kyivska Veselynivka August-August 23
Municipal institution Potitsky educational complex “Secondary school of I-III grades-preschool educational institution” Mironivsky district council of Kyiv region Kyivska Potik August-August 23
Trebukhiv secondary general education school Kyivska Trebukhiv August-August 23
Kalynivka ETC #1 Kyivska Kalynivka August-August 23
Telizhenka Educational Association “Secondary School I-II Dentistry” of Tetievsky District Council of Kyiv Region Kyivska Peremogu August-August 23
Yerkivetska school Kyivska Yerkivtsi August-August 23
Ukrainian humanities lyceum of the Kyiv national university named after Taras Shevchenko Kyivska Kyiv May 30-June14
Vasylkiv School № 4 Kyivska Vasylkiv June 06-June 21
Specialized school 173 Kyivska Kyiv June 06-June 21
Kuchakiv school Kyivska Kuchakiv June 06-June 21
Municipal institution ” Teach and Educational complecs of I-st gymnasium ” of Svatove Luganska Svatove May 30-June14
“Troitskyi Lyceum Troitske Community District of Troitske Luganska Region Luganska Troitske May 30-June14
The Popasnianska gymnasium  20 of the Popasniansky district Council of the Luhansk region Luganska town Popasna June 06-June 21
Lisichansk secondary school 2 Luganska Lysychansk June 06-June 21
Lysychansk Secondary School I-II levels №9 of the Lisichansk City Council Luganska Lysychansk June 06-June 21
Kreminska School-Gymnasia of Kreminska Rada, Luganska Region Luganska Kreminna August-August 23
Krasnorichensk school Luganska Krasnorichenske August-August 23
Bilovodsk Basic Secondary School of Secondary Education Luganska Bilovodsk August-August 23
Bilovodska gymnasium Luganska Bilovodsk August-August 23
Mykolaiv Gymnasium Lvivska Mykolaiv May 30-June14
Turinsky secondary school of I-III degrees Lvivska Turynka May 30-June14
School of Hrushiv Lvivska Hrushiv May 30-June14
Khlopchitsy secondary school Lvivska Khlopchitsy May 30-June14
Stryi secondary school №7 Lvivska Stryi June 06-June 21
Lyceum №93 LCC Lvivska Lviv June 06-June 21
School of Matsoshyn Lvivska Matsoshyn June 06-June 21
Petro Andrusiv secondary school of Kamianobrid Lvivska Kamianobrid June 06-June 21
Structural unit “Private educatinal institution “KMDS” Lviv Lvivska Lviv June 06-June 21
School of Morshyn Lvivska Morshyn June 06-June 21
Vasyl’ Stasyuk Stryi Comprehensive School №5 of I-III grades Lvivska Stryi August-August 23
Ivan Mohylnytskyi Training – Educational Complex Lvivska Mizhenets August-August 23
Soposhyn Secondary school of I-III degrees of Zhovkva district council of Lviv region Lvivska Soposhyn August-August 23
Radekhiv school specializing in a foreign language Lvivska Radekhiv August-August 23
School of Rybakivka Mykolaiivska Rybakivka May 30-June14
Mykolaiv secondary school #64 Mykolaiivska Mykolaiv May 30-June14
School of Zeleniy Yar Mykolaiivska Zeleniy Yar May 30-June14
School of Vesnine Mykolaiivska Vesniane May 30-June14
Mykolaiv Boarding School 7 Mykolaiivska Mykolaiv May 30-June14
Yelanets Humanitarian Gymnasium Mykolaiivska Yelanets June 06-June 21
Kalynivka Secondary school Mykolaiivska Kalynivka June 06-June 21
Pervomaysk secondary school #9 Mykolaiivska Pervomaysk June 06-June 21
Krynychanska secondary school of I-III grades of Mykhaylivka village rada of Mykolayiv district of Mykolaiv region Mykolaiivska Krynychky June 06-June 21
Pervomaisk Secondary School 12 Mykolaiivska Pevomaisk June 06-June 21
Lysohirska school #1 Mykolaiivska Lysa Hora August-August 23
Novooleksandrivska secondary school Mykolaiivska Novooleksandrivka August-August 23
Pervomays’k secondary school № І-ІІІ degrees №16 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Y. M. Lobova Mykolaiivska Pervomaysʹk August-August 23
Maritime College of Technical Fleet NU “OMA” Odeska Odesa June 06-June 21
Secondary General Education School I -III grades №3 -Lyceum, Kiliya Odeska Kiliya June 06-June 21
Viacheslav Chornovil school Odeska Yuzhne June 06-June 21
Lubny Specialist School 6 Poltavska Lubny May 30-June14
Tsipky secondary school Poltavska Zipky May 30-June14
Municipal Institution “Gymnasium of Rozsoshentsi of Shcherbani  Village Council of Poltava District, Poltava Region” Poltavska Rozsoshentsi May 30-June14
Poltava secondary school levels I through III number 10 named after V.G.Korolenko Poltavska Poltava May 30-June14
Poltava Regional Makarenko Scientific Lyceum Poltavska Kovalivka May 30-June14
Kozelshchynskyi lyceum of Kozelshchyna township Poltavska region Poltavska Kozelshchyna May 30-June14
Lokhvytska General Education School #3 for levels I-III Poltavska Lokhvytsia May 30-June14
School hub “Zinkiv specialized school №1” Poltavska Zinkiv June 06-June 21
Specialized school #4 with extensive English learning Poltavska Horishni Plavni June 06-June 21
Rymarivka secondary school Poltavska Rymarivka June 06-June 21
Svatky secondary school Poltavska Svatky June 06-June 21
The Vira Roik School #7 Poltavska Lubny June 06-June 21
Municipal Institution «Poltava secondary school of I-III degrees №26 of Poltava town council of Poltava region» Poltavska Poltava August-August 23
Nova Haleshchyna lyceum Poltavska Nova Haleshchyna August-August 23
Poltava Secondary School #34 Poltavska Poltava August-August 23
Kremenchuk Teachers’ Training College named after A. Makarenko / Health improvement rest complex for children “Erudyt” Poltavska Kremenchuk / Potoky August-August 23
Kostopil Comprehensive School #4 Rivnenska Kostopil May 30-June14
Hub school of Shpaniv Rivnenska Shpaniv May 30-June14
The secondary school of Smyha Rivnenska Smyha May 30-June14
School of Horodets Rivnenska Horodets May 30-June14
Berezne lyceum of economics and humanities Rivnenska Berezne May 30-June14
Communal institution “Shepetyn gymnasium of the Smyha village council” Rivnenska Shepetyn May 30-August 23
School of Vovkovyi Rivnenska Vovkovyi June 06-June 21
Hoschanska district gymnasium Rivnenska Hoscha June 06-June 21
school-lyceum of  Klesiv Rivnenska Klesiv June 06-June 21
Rafalivka Secondary School of the 1-3-d degrees Rivnenska Rafalivka June 06-June 21
Kotivska secondary school Rivnenska Nova Ukrainka June 06-June 21
Dovgovolia’s school Rivnenska Dovgovolia June 06-June 21
Ozero comprehensive school I-III degree of Volodymyrets District Cuoncil in Rivne region Rivnenska Ozero August-August 23
Malevo hub school Rivnenska Malevo August-August 23
School of Tseptsevychi Rivnenska Velyki Tseptsevychi August-August 23
Bereh Gymnasium Rivnenska Bereh August-August 23
Volodymyrets District collegium Rivnenska Volodymyrets August-August 23
Sumy specialized school №7 named after Maksym Savchenko Sumska Sumy May 30-June14
Okhtyrka Secondary School #5 named after R.K. Rapii Sumska Okhtyrka May 30-June14
Lebedyn Specialized School #7, Sumy region Sumska Lebedyn May 30-June14
Secondary school #5 Sumska Sumska oblast May 30-June14
Mykolayiv еducational сomplex “general educational establishment- preschool educational establishment “Mykolaivka village council of the Sumy district of Sumy region Sumska Mykolaivka May 30-June14
Okhtyrka gymnasium Sumska Okhtyrka May 30-June14
Slavgorodskaya secondary school of I – III degrees of Krasnopillia district council of Sumy region Sumska Slavhorod June 06-June 21
School of Richky Sumska Richky June 06-June 21
Communal Institution Sumy Specialized School of I degree №30 “Unikum” Sumy City Council Sumska Sumy June 06-June 21
Mezenivsky Educational Teaching and Training Complex Sumska Mezenivka June 06-June 21
Establishment of universal middle education №3 Sumska Trostianets June 06-June 21
Gerasimivka school Sumska Gerasimivka June 06-June 21
Hub school Verhnyosyrovatska specialised  school of the village council of Verhnya Syrovatka of Sumy region Sumska Verhnya Syrovatka June 06-June 21
Groun Secondary School Named After the Hero of Soviet Union Andriy Dihtiarenko Sumska Groun August-August 23
The secondary school of Ovlashi in Romny disctrict Sumska Ovlashi August-August 23
SI Pochaiv School Ternopilska Pochaiv May 30-June14
Saranchuky secondary school I-III degrees with deeping study of some subjects Ternopilska Saranchuky May 30-June14
Ternopil Ukrainian Gymnasia named after Ivan Franko Ternopilska Ternopil May 30-June14
Chortkiv Gymnasium named after Markiyan Shashkevych Ternopilska Chortkiv May 30-June14
Koropets secondary school named after Marko Kahanets Ternopilska Koropets May 30-June14
Educational complex of Rekshyn Ternopilska Rekshyn May 30-June14
Ternopil School #19 Ternopilska Ternopil June 06-June 21
Zbarazh secondary school #1 Ternopilska Zbarazh June 06-June 21
Kuropatnytsky educational complex “Secondary education institution of I-III degrees – preschool educational institution” Ternopilska Kuropatnyky June 06-June 21
Ternopil School 5 with Advanced Foreign Languages Ternopilska Ternopil June 06-June 21
Secondary school of Krasnopilka Vinnytska Krasnopilka May 30-June14
Secondary school #6 Vinnytska Zhmerynka May 30-June14
Khmilnyk secondary school #4 Vinnytska Khmilnyk May 30-June14
Stanislavchyk secondary school Vinnytska Stanislavchyk May 30-June14
School of Chagiv Vinnytska Chagiv May 30-June14
Zaozerne school Vinnytska Zaozerne May 30-June14
Khonkivtsy Secondary School Vinnytska Vinnytsia region May 30-June14
Schools 1-2 degrees Vinnytska Skala May 30-June14
School of Chetvertynivka Vinnytska Chetvertynivka May 30-June14
Serebrynets school Vinnytska Serebrynets May 30-June14
school of Kleban Vinnytska kleban May 30-June14
Secondary school of Stepanivka Vinnytska Stepanivka May 30-June14
Vinnytsia Public School No.27 Vinnytska Vinnytsia June 06-June 21
School  of Hraniv  Haysyn distrik Vinnytska Hraniv June 06-June 21
Communal Institution *Humanities Gimnasium #1 named after Pyrohov of Vinnytsia City Council* Vinnytska Vinnytsia June 06-June 21
State Primary School #25 of Vinnytsia City Council Specializing in Foreign Languages Vinnytska Vinnytsia June 06-June 21
Secondary comprehansive school I-III degrees of the village Stepashky Haysyn district Vinnytsia region Vinnytska Stepashky June 06-June 21
Secondary school of Kyvachivka Vinnytska Kyvachivka June 06-June 21
Bilousivka secondary school Vinnytska Bilousivka August-August 23
School of Vydranytsia Volynska Vydranytsia May 30-June14
Educational complex “Secondary school I-III level №1–gymnasium named after Hero of the Soviet Union V. Gazin” of Ratne Volynska Ratne May 30-June14
The general secondary education institution “Samary Lyceum named after Petro Shtyk of Samarivska village council of Ratnivsky district of Volyn region” Volynska Samary May 30-June14
Hub School Educational Complex “Lokachi Comprehensive School I – III Grades – Gymnasia” Volynska Lokachi May 30-June14
Secondary school 2 of Ratne named after Mykola Zalipa Volynska Ратне May 30-June14
Lutsk Specialized School №1 Volynska Lutsk May 30-June14
The school of Lyshche Volynska Lyshche May 30-June14
School-Gymnasium#1 of Ivanychi Volynska Ivanychi May 30-June14
Wolodymyr-Wolynsky lyceum “The center of education” Volynska Wolodymyr-Wolynsky May 30-June14
Kravchuk gymnasia 21 Volynska Lutsk May 30-June14
NVK №2 of kamin-kashyrsky Volynska kamin-kashyrsky May 30-June14
Olexander-Tzynkalovskyi-Gymnasium, Volodymyr-Volynskyi Volynska Volodymyr-Volynskyi May 30-June14
Kolky Hub School Volynska Kolky May 30-June14
School of Zamshany Volynska Zamshany June 06-June 21
General Education School (elementary, junior and senior high school), Hodomychi Village Volynska Hodomychi Village June 06-June 21
Municipal Institution of General Secondary Education Rozhyschenskyi  Lyceum № 4 of the Rozhysche District Council of Volyn Oblast Volynska Rozhyshche June 06-June 21
Lutsk Lyceum Volynska Lutsk June 06-June 21
Hobultova secondary school Volynska Hobultova June 06-June 21
Lukiv Secondary School-Lyceum Volynska Lukiv June 06-June 21
Volodymyr-Volynska comprehensive school #5 named after Anatoliy Korenevskyi Volynska Volodymyr-Volynskyi August-August 23
School of Piddubtsi Volynska Piddubtsi August-August 23
Comprehensive school of village Krasnovolia Volynska Krasnovolia August-August 23
Specialized School of Mizhhiria with indepth study of some subjects Zakarpatska Mizhhiria May 30-June14
Secondary School №7 of the I-III grades of Mukachevo town council of Zakarpatya region Zakarpatska Mukachevo May 30-June14
School of Kvasovo Zakarpatska Kvasovo May 30-June14
Lyceum of Irshava Zakarpatska Irshava May 30-June14
Uzhhorod lyceum”Leader”-school №20 Zakarpatska Uzhhorod May 30-June14
Primary school Zakarpatska Svoboda August-August 23
School of Veliky Berehy Zakarpatska Veliky Berehy August-August 23
Gymnasium of Berehovo Zakarpatska Berehovo August-August 23
Janoshivska school Zakarpatska Janoshi August-August 23
Мelitopol Secondary School of I-III Stages #13 of Melitopol City Council, Zaporizhzhia Region Zaporizska Melitopol May 30-June14
Polohivsky Collegium №1 Zaporizska Pology May 30-June14
Zaporozhska specialized English school №59 Zaporizska Zaporizhzhya May 30-June14
Lyceum № 5 of Melitpol City Council Zaporizska Melitopol May 30-June14
Primary and Secondary General Boarding School of Municipal Institution of Higher Education “Khortytsia National Educational Rehabilitation Academy” of Zaporizhzhia Regional Council Zaporizska Zaporizhzhia May 30-June14
Bilmatska school ” Intelect” Zaporizska Bilmak May 30-June14
Berdyansk gymnasium №3 “Suziria”, Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhya region Zaporizska Berdiansk May 30-June14
Municipal institution “Gulyaypilskaya specialized secondary school of I-III degrees” of the Gulyaipil’s city council Zaporizska Gulyaypole May 30-June14
Zaporiz’ky colegium “Mala gumanitarna akademiya” “MGA” Zaporizska Zaporizhzhya June 06-June 21
Zaporizhzhia Gymnasia №45 Zaporizska Zaporizhzhya June 06-June 21
Rozivska school #1 Zaporizska Rozivka June 06-June 21
Zaporizhzhia educational complex 67 Zaporizska Zaporizhzhya June 06-June 21
Zaporiskiy multi-specialized Lyceum 99 Zaporizska Zaporizhzhya June 06-June 21
School educational institution Center of scientific and technical creativity of youth flight Zaporizska Zaporizhzhya June 06-June 21
Melitopol Secondary School 4 Zaporizska Melitopol August-August 23
Melitopol Education Complex #16 Zaporizska Melitopol August-August 23
Кorosten town gymnasium Zhytomyrska Korosten May 30-June14
Lyceum #1 named after Lesia Ukrainka Zhytomyrska Novohrad-Volynskiy May 30-June14