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Our projects

Educational Foundation


2023 became the year of transformation, in particular, due to new partnerships. With the partners’ support, we have introduced new spheres and offer unique activities and programs:

  • Upstream Cathc-up program (junior, middle, high school)
  • GoGlobal institutional capacity expansion strategy
    cascade training methodology for psycho-emotional support of
  • Mentorship program #PokolinniaPeremohy for teenagers from frontline and borderline regions
  • STEAM and promoting exact sciences, Mathematics in particular

We are proud of our:

  • Catch-up camps and creative camps
  • Motivational and educational program #PokolinniaPeremohy
  • Launching the establishment of 12 youth spaces in de-occupied and war-affected communities
  • Youth initiative «Vlipy za sebe» (how to act during the war and join the victory)
  • Cultural exchange and learning english programs with volunteers and Voice of America


These are 15-19-year-old boys and girls who are just graduating from school and taking their first steps in their adult lives. They are proactive, patriotic, and motivated. At the same time, they face almost the most adverse conditions.

Catch-up program

GoGlobal Educational Foundation has launched a complex catch-up program consisting of catch-up camps, mentoring and motivational elements, and developing a unique catch-up junior, middle and high school educational program. The purpose of the program is to provide children with the knowledge from the school curriculum that they did not have access to because of the war in addition to offering psychological support, socialization and motivation.

Speaking clubs and learning English with Voice of America

English has been the DNA of the GoGlobal Educational Foundation since its establishment. Promotion, teaching English to children and teachers is what we have been doing for the past 8 years. In 2023, we resumed speaking clubs, which were split in five waves and more than 4,300 schoolchildren and 340 teachers took part. 170 volunteers joined these events as well.

Creative Camps

During the winter and summer of 2023, 13-17-year-old young people from all around Ukraine participated in GoGlobal’s «Creative Camp: We are from Ukraine!». In the course of the camp activity, children from over 250 schools learned from leading Ukrainian and foreign masters the art of drawing, photo shooting, video editing and creating unique design.

Civic education program UActive

GoGlobal jointly with SavEd international fund implemented the ‘UActive’ program developing the leadership, creative potential and entrepreneurship for young people from de-occupied and hostility-affected regions and communities. More than 600 children participated in the program, and while creating their projects, they gained knowledge in project management, fundraising, communications areas as well as other beneficial skills.

BAZA: Hurtuis! Hartuis! Hotuis!

GoGlobal jointly with Ukrainian Leadership Academy arranged a fest in summer 2023 for active Ukrainian youth in the safest Ukrainian city — Uzhgorod. The fest called: «Baza: Hurtuis! Hartuis! Hotuis!» gathered around 300 young people at the Uzhgorod city stadium, which they transformed into the space of art, study and opinions exchange. Numerous fest locations hosted dozens of team-building activities, trainings and workshops.

Like-minded people’s branches

GoGlobal у рамках молодіжної ініціативи #ВліпиЗаСебе провела серію заходів для молоді – Бранчі однодумців. Метою яких є популяризація волонтерства серед молоді. Події проходили у Києві та Львові.


In 2023, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a project about our PokolinniaPeremohy (Victory Generation) was implemented. These are the stories of real-life boys and girls who keep living, creating, helping, and shaping the civil society in the de-occupied territories and borderline regions with Russia and Belarus. These are the youth who not only survive but also actively contribute to the creation and forming the civil society.

Training educators in the basics of psychological support

In the winter and autumn of 2023, GoGlobal trainers conducted two waves of cascade trainings for teachers and psychologists from Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions called «Mental Health Responsive School». This program is unique in the multistage approach: after being prepared by expert trainers, school psychologists and teachers in pairs can train their colleagues.

Supporting the English language teachers

GoGlobal jointly with Voice of America, Learning English arranged training for 200 English language teachers via VoA Learning English service — a grand library of relevant materials facilitating teachers in creating more interesting and efficient lessons of English.

Youth initiative «Vlipy za sebe»

2023 aimed at promoting volunteer movement among youth. In the winter of 2023, GoGlobal jointly with Taras Topolya, Vasyl Baydak and other volunteers presented a new motivational video to support the volunteer movement and experts’ civil sector in Ukraine. The key message of the video is to show the transformation of every young Ukrainian during these challenging times in the history of our country. It was directed by Lubomir Levitski, and ever since the war, he has participated in numerous volunteer projects, supported the military and filmed documentaries about Ukrainian realities.

«Pidtrymka» Mural

In the summer, the art project «Pidtrymka» (Support) appeared in the Kyiv center, initiated by the educational foundation. This mural is dedicated to Ukrainian volunteers who, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, have become real superheroes of the home front. This art object is based on the work of a famous Canadian artist and illustrator Eric Pause, which has a very symbolic name «There is no me without you».

Conference «Educational Front. The impact of war on educators»

GoGlobal held an extensive event called «Educational Frontline. The impact of war on educators’, which involved the educational community, experts, researchers, and journalists. There we discussed the problems of education during the war and presented the research on the teachers’ well-being in 2022.

Studying the teachers well-being

emotional well-being of teachers and students. In 2023, we focused our attention on educators from six borderline and frontline territories. Approximately 5,000 teachers, principals, deputies, counselors, and others were interviewed by the experts. The research showed warning signs in school teachers’ mental well-being. According to the results most of them have no emotional stability, become more anxious and feel desolation. 87% of educators claimed that they require more time to recover than usual.

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