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In 2023, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a project about our PokolinniaPeremohy (Victory Generation) was implemented. These are the stories of real-life boys and girls who keep living, creating, helping, and shaping the civil society in the de-occupied territories and borderline regions with Russia and Belarus. These are the youth who not only survive but also actively contribute to the creation and forming the civil society.

The #PokolinniaPeremohy project is created in video, photo and text format. The photo stories of teenagers were created by a famous photographer Sasha Maslov, whose works are regularly published by such editorials as The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Guardian, Wall Street Journal Magazine and others. His lens captured not only the touching moments but also the power that beats in the heart of every child’s talent. These stories were published by «Ukrainska Pravda. Zhyttia» editorial, United 24 media and by other Ukrainian mass media. Ukrainian stars and influencers promoted these stories.

The #PokolinniaPeremohy project dwells on the youth who helped their fellow villagers under occupation, print parts for the drones via a 3D-printer, rejuvenate Ukrainian traditions, and mentor the younger generation.

  • PokolinniaPeremohy on the largest screens of Europe

PokolinniaPeremohy on the largest screens of Europe

Our strong and motivated children are not just something worth hearing, but watching as well. They were displayed on the 4,000 square meters of the screens in Europe, the very center of our capital – the screens of the Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center. Moreover, the works of Sasha Maslov on the #PokolinniaPeremohy project were displayed for three weeks at a photo exhibition in the center of our capital (the Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center).

We launched the social commercial campaign on PokolinniaPeremohy throughout the streets of Kyiv as well.

  • You can find more details on each of the stories

Photo for the video preview: Oleksandr Maslov, Ukrainska Pravda

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