Project manager GoEast in Global Office NGO

//Project manager GoEast in Global Office NGO

GoEast is one of the projects (streamline) of the Global Office NGO and its founder, deputy Mustafa Nayyem which aims at systemic development and consolidation of all the projects on reconstruction and development of the frontline areas into one united strategic map based on which systemic communication campaign will be delivered to support the initiatives as well providing update on the project realisation at both frontline areas and out of them.

GoEast includes coordination and communication of all the events within #YearOfDonbas as well as solely delivering a number of projects within the initiative.

Key responsibility areas:

  • general coordination of the streamline and internal projects in the initiative;
  • internal operations management;
  • fundraising;
  • partners coordination and donors communication;
  • operations planning and implementation;
  • projects implementation in Donbas area;
  • finding partners and teams in Donbas.


  • project management experience;
  • skills of operations management, planning, projects creation and implementation;
  • knowledge of specifics of project (Donbas cities, contact line, IDPs), contacts in the region of partners and potential team members;
  • ability to work in the team, responsibility, readiness to cope with stress and high workload;
  • readiness for frequent trips;
  • English knowledge is a must.

What you get:

  • being part of the team that makes real change;
  • freedom in choosing the projects, partners and way to conduct the project, as long as the results aligns with NGO mission;
  • becoming a part of the dedicated, motivated team;
  • flexible schedule and understanding management;

CV and motivation should be emailed to with the subject “GoEast project manager”.

Vacancy is open now and the candidates can start working immediately after the successful interview.


Global Office is an NGO aimed at promoting informational, political, economic, cultural and social of Ukraine into global community, as well as at internal integration.

Our initiatives:

  • GoGlobal (GoCamps, Year of English language)
  • Go East

Our goals:

  • GoGlobal: promoting language learning and volunteer movement in Ukraine, fostering intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy, preparing new generation of Ukrainians equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Go East: projects aimed on reintegration of the residents of the frontline territories. (GoCampsEast, #YearOfDonbas, Centre for administrative services in Mariupol)