Over £7000 for education of children from the East of Ukraine

//Over £7000 for education of children from the East of Ukraine

Two years ago we started the GoCamp East project  – language camps for schoolkids from the war-affected areas of  eastern Ukraine. We took the kids from their regions and brought them near Kyiv to interact and communicate with volunteers from around the globe, break the language barrier, make friends and receive respite from the war.

Last year,  600 secondary school students from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions studied English in the GoCamp East summer camps, and we are committed to do even more this year.

Our foreign volunteers are going to 10 schools in eastern Ukraine to inspire over a thousand kids who have no chance to travel, see the world or interact with foreigners.

This effort has been made possible through the support of the  GoCamp East programme by the London office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the charitable organization Ukraine Charity  and Antoine Pesenti who ran the 2018 London Marathon to raise funds for our project. Together, we organized a fundraising campaign which gathered over £ 7, 000.

This is our long lasting cooperation that started with 2016 and next year brought the first corporate volunteering group and fundraising efforts!  Some volunteers from the EBRD with their families and friends took part in the project and went to the Ukrainian schools to spend time with the children.

And in 2018 we also continue to work and focus for East! We believe this is just the beginning and we look forward to further cooperation.

Thank you to everyone who donated to support our project and to the EBRD, which doubled every donation you made.