Report “GoGlobal” 2015-2016

//Report “GoGlobal” 2015-2016

Welcome Note

It is easy to stay active all the time: just match your own dreams and achievements. If you have more dreams than achievements, it is all ahead of you.

Our dream called GoGlobal is one year old. Over this period, we have presented ourselves to be the project with ambitious ideas that seemed just to be larger than life. However, people believed in us and we understood that we can manage even more than expected. Being so young, we win the hearts of the millions of Ukrainians and keep on building new reality.

GoGlobal is more than studying a foreign language. This is a new generation of Ukrainians with the global thinking and broad world outlook, who can hear the world and may be heard by the world as well.

Such initiatives in many countries are put forward by the state, and we are the first team that changes the reality through the efforts of a non-governmental organization. We have a dream to become the first Ukrainian national project to be supported by the public and business, if not by the government, as we are investing in the future of our country. That is our future.

We believe in what we are doing, and we know that our plans are the reality we create every day!

Sometimes we are asked: “Looking back, what were your main mistakes?” Today our answer is the following: “We used to think that our dreams were too ambitious. And now we understand that a person should just do something that seems to be impossible.”

Strive for the great!

The more global is the dream, the more is possible to be achieved, so as to make a lot of people happier and to build new Ukraine.


GoGlobal Mission

GoGlobal is the initiative taken by the Global Office non-governmental organization, which is designed to promote foreign language education and volunteer movement in Ukraine, to encourage intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy.


  • Promotion of knowledge and usage of foreign languages
  • New generation of Ukrainians with the values of the free world
  • Readiness to the XXI century challenges
  • Public diplomacy
  • Promotion of the volunteer movement in Ukraine
  • Internal integration
  • New quality of the civil service, where foreign language knowledge is obligatory
  • High level of the teaching of foreign languages


Launching and carrying out the projects that contribute to the dialogue of Ukraine with the rest of the world without barriers and help create conditions for the upbringing new generation in keeping with the values of the free world.


Our Evolution

“It’s time to move to the Big World, where the language is not just the factor of self-identity, but is the means of getting knowledge, information on reality and acquaintance with the latest achievements,” stated founders Mustafa Naiyem and Oksana Movchan,launching the all-Ukrainian initiative GoGlobalat the National Reforms Council under the aegis the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Dmytro Shymkiv. Shortly afterwards, President Petro Poroshenko supported GoGlobal by signing the resolution declaring 2016to be the Year of the English Language in Ukraine.

We implemented the Ukraine Speaking information campaign and understood that only motivating messages are not enough. Show us the parents, who do not want their child to learn English? This is the opportunity to get more knowledge, better job, to travel. The countries, which committed themselves to the active English learning, have experienced economic growth. And it is important for investors that citizens speak the same language with them, as it is easy to find partners. Ukrainians understand that, while they say in excuse that the price of the learning of foreign languages is too high or they are short of time. That is why the GoGlobal team started to carry out the projects, providing everyone with the opportunities to learn the language for free. As it would make sense to start with government officials, we initiated the amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service” that require the official to know a foreign language. Together with our partners, we started picture shows in the original language in cinemas in seven regions of the country and in Kyiv and launched free professionally oriented courses of foreign languages for representatives of the service sector, namely, taxi drivers and employees of hotel-and-catering business.

We believe that the full-fledged renovation of the country is possible only due to the new generation of Ukrainians, so we devoted the greater of our activity to the school education. One of the first steps in this direction was training of teachers of English. We provide the teachers with modern communicative methods for teaching English. And in summer we carried out the largest project – language camps GoCamp, engaging foreign volunteers from all over the world for children to be able to learn English in acceptable (read-game) way.

Afterwards we understood that we exceeded the bounds of our activity, as we could not ignore problems facing citizens in the east of Ukraine. This is howtheGlobal Office non-governmental organization has been established, where GoGlobal is one of its directions. Another direction is GoEast designed for reintegration of the territories and citizens of the Donbasregioninto the constitutional space of Ukraine. Thus, in summer 2016 Global Office along with its partners opened the first innovative Administration Service Centre in the frontline area near the City of Mariupol, where residents of the region have already been obtaining the requisite certificates and documents through the “single office” approach.


GoCamp 2016

We understood that as of 2015 only the limited number of people in Ukraine has access to modern language camps. This can be above all explained by the fact that most parents cannot afford sending their children to relevant institutions. In consideration of the advanced English curriculum, intercultural dialogue and in furtherance of the project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine GoGlobal team have organized the new format of the school-based language courses engaging foreign volunteers, namely GoCamp. In camps we are upbringing the new generation of the well-rounded youth, ready to meet the challenges of the 21stcentury, open to other cultures, for whom the knowledge of the foreign language is a normal thing.

Foreign volunteers became cultural ambassadors of their countries, coaches and friends for Ukrainian students. We practiced individual approach to select the camps’ participants who intended to teach Ukrainians. Our main partners in this sector were the following organizations: AIESEC, UN Volunteers and U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Schools also took part in the national contest. Specifically, of 600 schools, which applied for participation in the project, we have chosen 127.

During June 2016 more than 100 volunteers from 40 countries worked in school-based English camps in cities and villages throughout Ukraine. Remarkably, almost all volunteers were hosted by Ukrainian families, and during the implementation of the project we witnessed the breaking of intercultural stereotypes.

In fact, volunteers represented three categories:

  • Representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora of the first, second, third, fourth and even fifth generation. These people are always ready to support Ukraine. This time they had a chance to invest not money but their knowledge in our students for the latter to overcome the barriers and open the world for themselves.
  • International volunteers or volunteers without borders from the United States, Britain, Canada, countries of Latin America, the European Union, Africa and Asia. Even from the remotest corners of the earth, such as Singapore, Indonesia, AustraliaandNew Zealand.
  • Students and graduates of leading universities of the world, for whom the volunteer work is an obligatory experience in terms of a career and personal growth.

On conclusion of the project, GoCamp volunteers met the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. They had a free-flowing discussion about the future of the state and continuation of the volunteer mission in our country. In his turn, the President pledged support to GoCamp for the next year.

“GoCamp is the place where learning English is very interesting! Our volunteers and teachers are fantastic. Every day they have new ideas of making our days unforgettable. During the camp, there was not a single minute for me to get bored. This is the best summer in my life!” said Ruslana Horovenko, student of the First Municipal Gymnasium based in the City of Cherkasy.

“GoCamp language camp is definitely the best time I had in my life! I am absolutely thrilled about the kindness of people, their eternal sincerity they treated me with. I will miss this amazing time! The students came to me with the words: “I am not frightened to speak English anymore!” This is victory for me!” observed James Grifenus, U.S.volunteer.

“I came to Ukraine as a Belgian. But I will leave Ukraine as a Belgian with the heart full of Ukrainian warmth, friendliness and hospitality. Ukraine is my home forever!” noted Laurence Sonnen, Belgium volunteer.

Training for Teachers of English

Teachers of English, who coordinated the camps in their schools, had special training for the elaboration of programs in accordance with contemporary American methods. The training was provided by the professor of the Oregon State University, the guest coach from the U.S. Embassy and the GoGlobal coordinator of education projects.

“Volunteer School”

Before assigning volunteers to their schools, we provided the special orientation training for them called “Counsellor School”. Over the course of five days volunteers have been studying methods for educating children, working out their own programs for camps.At the same time, they were discovering Ukraine, as well as had rest, got acquainted with each other and familiarized themselves with cultures. The boarding school in the Town of Volodarka, Region of Kyiv, housed the Counsellor School.

Support Office

During two months of training and camp performing the regional coordination team Support Office has been working on the 24/7 basis. Coordinators worked directly with schools and were responsible for the organizational support.

Teachers of English – Agents of Change

We are aware of the key role of a teacher ofEnglish and his/her proficiency to develop communicative skills of foreign language communication. In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the British Council in Ukraine, we have launched the “Teachers of English – Agents of Change” project aimed at enhancing the level of teaching English in comprehensive secondary schools.

In November 2015, 137 teachers in seven regions of Ukraine (Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Volyn) and the City of Kyiv started training within the framework of the project.

Results of the Pilot Wave
According to the results of the training, each teacher practically worked out the knowledge and skills, held workshops and demo lessons. The “Agents of Change” trained by the British Council became coaches themselves; they were supposed to impart knowledge to their colleagues – teachers of English in their regions. Therefore, 110 teachers, who completed the training for coaches in August 2016, have been selected.

  • 500 applications
  • 137 participants from seven regions
  • 308 workshops conducted by the “agents of change”
  • 3,762 teachers are participants in the workshops
  • 316 demo lessons
  • 3,631 students are demo lessons attendees
  • 68 teachers-coaches


Ukraine Speaking

At the end of 2015 we launched the national information campaign Ukraine Speaking designed to promote English language and smoke out interest of the population to study it.

Within the framework of the campaign we shot the comic video about how the reluctance to study foreign languages can be an obstacle in personal and professional development. Moreover, we carried out a massive advertising campaign.

  • 7,000,000 banner views in the Internet
  • 356 outdoor advertising boards
  • 320,000 views of the video in YouTube
  • 10.6 % target audience reach

The results of Ukraine Speaking research showed that 72% of Ukrainians appreciated and endorsed the idea of the advertising, and 53% of the respondents showed their willingness to start learning English after viewing the advertising.

The TV channels of StarLightMedia group, 1+1 channel, UA:Pershyi, a number of the district state TV and radio companies, TRC Kyiv, as well as the Multiplex cinema chain supported and broadcast the social advertising. Among the partners in advertising were the following companies: BigBoard Ukraine and New Age agency, which rendered their pro bono services.

English for Free

The joint work of our team with educational institutions resulted in the opportunity to study English for free. More than 150 private schools established cooperation with GoGlobal. The most active institutions of learning were schools in Mykolaiv, Lviv and Dnipro.

Today 58% of schools provide the free places in educational groups of English for all the interested people, as well as they provide speaking clubs and training.

43% provided 5-50 additional free places in every educational group, which have been given away on website. 29% of schools provided discounted studying places (from 25% to 70%). 29% provided a teacher to carry out free speaking clubs in their district once or twice per month.



Global Government

In late 2015, due to advocacy and communication of GoGlobal team, for the first time ever the requirements of knowledge of English for the officials were formalized in the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service”. Also, amendments to the Reform Strategy of the State Administration of Ukraine have been entered, that makes mandatory the knowledge of a foreign language for the state officials. Thus, national civil servants will enter the new level of international communication.

From now on corresponding employees of state authorities on the central, and further on the regional level, have a chance to take free testing of the English language knowledge. According to the tests results, employees, who have advanced knowledge of English, may have wage determinations.

After passing the test, employees of state authorities have a chance to upgrade the level of English for free to meet the standards applied in the state. English studying is also included to programs of career enhancement of state officials.

  • Since 2015 English has been the obligatory requirement in the process of employment for management positions in the Presidential Administration, National Bank of Ukraine and many other bodies
  • Providers of the English language courses for state officials are the British Council and NATO. Over 800 civil servants of different ranks and structural departments have taken the courses

Movie in the Original 

Due to the GoGlobal initiative Ukrainian cinemas are carrying out screenings of movies in the original language. From now on teachers of English for Ukrainians are Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Mila Kunis! Watching movies and series in original is one of the simplest, most pleasant and popular ways to learn and improve your English. It gives an opportunity to hear live contemporary language, feel the emotions and intonation of actors.

The Project started in late November 2015 with support of the biggest movie distributors of Ukraine – Ukrainian Film Distribution and Kinomania. Original language movies project was also supported by the world-wide known American companies 20th Century Fox Film and Warner Bros.

On December 3, 2015, there was a Ukrainian release of the first movie in original language “Viktor Frankenstein”, screenings of which were performed in Magnat, Boomer cinemas and Multiplex network. During 9 months of the project over 40 original language films have been released in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, Sumy and Poltava.


Guinness record

On May 28, 2016, the largest English lesson in Ukraine of all times was held simultaneously in 56 towns and cities of Ukraine.

The greatest sessions were carried out in Kyiv on Sofiivska square and in Lviv on the square at the Opera Theatre. The wholesale lesson session was performed in the English speaking club format, during which teachers asked questions and participants provided answers to them while communicating.

The English lesson of the speaking club format claimed to break the Guinness record. We had lack of just some hundreds of participants to succeed in formal breaking the record.

  • 5,977 people from all over Ukraine took part in the session
  • English lesson was performed in 56 towns and cities at the same time
  • The lesson was independently organized by activists in 93 locations
  • 7 winners were selected, who have got prizes for participation
  • Hashtag #UAspeakingEnglish was one of the main hashtags in Europe on May 27!


Our Achievements


The President Petro Poroshenko signed Decree “On Declaring 2016 to Be the Year of English Language in Ukraine”. Decree has been developed and promoted by the forces of GoGlobal team


10In 2016 GoCamp project started, in the framework of which 127 schools all over Ukraine hosted language camps of the new format. Participants of the project were 120 volunteers from 40 countries all over the world and over 9,000 of Ukrainian students


Since 2015 the English language is an obligatory requirement on hiring for management positions in the Presidential Administration and many other state authorities


Ukrainian school teachers take special training and occupational re-trainings. The occupational re-training has been taken by around 4,000 teachers of English in seven regions and in the City of Kyiv

13Original language movies showings have been launched in cinemas of Ukraine. A few score of taxi and hotel-and-catering services employees completed free courses of English


GoGlobal team shares the values of the developed countries, which include: transparency and reporting to the public for the use of financial and other resources invested to our activity. This is precisely why we perform the public report on the initiative support by donors and partners.

Since its establishing GoGlobal public initiative has been getting financial support for the performance of the statutory and project activity. The organization has three items of funding: charity from legal entities, private donations and grant assets.

The organization has received UAH 5,291,392 for the support of the statutory activity since April 2016.

Also, the non-governmental organization’s projects have been additionally supported by nonpecuniary assets from its partners, namely:

  • Tickets from PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia amounting to about UAH 225,000
  • Advertising campaign support (NewAge, StarLightMedia, Multiplex, BigBoard Ukraine, Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper, Platforma,,,, sale-house resources of Digi Media, networks 1+1 Media, ESG and StarLightMedia, web portals and, as well as Skype, Vkontakte amounting to near UAH 300,000
  • Busses supply from Kyiv regional state administration for logistics of children amounting to near UAH 145,000
  • Provision of the premise for residence and training performance for volunteers from the Presidential Administration of Ukraine amounting to near UAH 262,500
  • Provision of the professional teacher for the Teachers training from the U.S. Embassy
  • Supply of the GoCamp schools-participants with computers from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine amounting to near UAH 780,000


Plans for 2017


  • 1,000 volunteers
  • 100,000 students
  • 700 schools
  • 300 cities, towns and villages of Ukraine
  • 4 directions: STEAM, Sport and health, Public education, Leadership and Career
  • Pilot project “After School Activities”

Year 2020 – 1,500,000 kids are the project participants


Teachers of English – Agents of Change

  • 340 new coaches trained according to the brand new methodologies
  • 6,800 English language teachers will obtain contemporary teaching skills
  • 350,000 students will experience lessons from the teachers, who completed the retraining course

Year 2020 – 100% of comprehensive secondary schools’ teachers work under the contemporary communicative methodology


Global Government

  • Implementation on the nationwide scale of the core competencies as of the knowledge of one of the European Council languages for government employees
  • 5,000 employees of state authorities will pass the testing
  • 2,000 state officials will advance their own level of foreign languages knowledge on the free of charge basis
  • Information-and-motivation campaign “Global Government Ambassadors”

Year 2020 – 20% of Ukraine population knows English on B2-C2 level


Movie in the Original

  • Expansion of thecinema network, showing the original language movies, for 50%
  • Advertising company to inform viewers on the possibility to watch original movies
  • 60% enlargement of the number of villages to be covered by the project

2020 – the most sensational and popular premiers are shown in original in Ukraine


Our partners