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+38 (067) 814 64 17 • join@goglobal.com.ua • 01011, м. Київ, вул. Івана Мазепи, буд. 1

Шукаємо менеджера/менеджерку по закупкам / Procurement Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead in the design, development. implementation, and maintenance of contextualized procurement, purchasing, logistics and distribution operating procedures in order to attain operational excellence;
  • He/she will establish & coordinate an overall, synchronized projects’ supplies annual procurement plan, thereby minimizing ad-hoc procurements, and aiding projects to better manage planned procurements and expenditures;
  • Confer with relevant technical experts to confirm that specifications are accurate and complete, samples provided where necessary, and deliverables are complete and correct in accordance with contract terms, and fit-for-function;
  • Coordinate sourcing strategies and develop a thorough and a full open process with a comprehensive supplier base for the supply of goods and services, constantly researching to ensure a reliable and competitive vendor base;
  • Negotiate supplier terms and conditions for the supply of goods & services, ensuring the optimal combination of cost, quality and delivery/lead time for the organization;
  • Prepare and review supplier evaluations/bids analysis, requests for awards, purchase orders, contracts for services and other procurement documents, ensuring strict adherence to applicable procedures, accuracy and completeness of procurement supporting documents;
  • Generate and disseminate complete, accurate and relevant procurement reports as requested on user friendly, standardized templates to support project management decision making;
  • Facilitate procurement audits and internal compliance reviews;
  • Work closely with the Finance team to ensure execution of payment terms outlined in the purchase orders and contracts. S/he will be responsible for follow through on all procurement & acquisition contractual obligations. In coordination with activity managers, s/he reviews and approves invoices prior to forwarding them to finance for payment processing, resolves any problems that arise, performs post contract evaluations ensuring accuracy and integrity of data;
  • Work with relevant team members to ensure adequate documentation is secured in support of various project events such as field trainings and workshops, work planning workshops and other meetings involving staff and other stakeholders. S/he will design a system that puts in place a robust mechanism for the prompt and timely submission of such supporting documentation to the finance office to facilitate timely payment processing.


  • Advanced knowledge of non-profit accounting practices, including USAID, UNICEF regulations and multi-currency accounting. Advanced knowledge of accounting software. Knowledge of budgets. Familiarity with UNICEF rules and regulations;
  • Excellent critical thinking skills and sound judgment. Proven willingness to make timely and sound decisions based on accurate judgment;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills as necessary to work effectively with persons on all levels both inside and outside the agency;
  • Ability to work effectively in an atmosphere of multiple projects, shifting priorities, and deadline pressure;
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment;
  • Ability to perform and complete a variety of complex and detail-oriented duties in a deadline driven, fast paced environment;
  • Proven ability to effectively use databases spreadsheet, word processing, and position-specific software;
  • Willing and able to travel to field offices as needed;
  • Fluent Ukrainian language, and proficient English language.

Процес подачі заявки:

Відправити резюме на адресу join@goglobal.com.ua та r.ostapchuk@goglobal.com.ua, зазначивши в темі листа “Менеджер по закупкам / Procurement Manager”. Відповіді будуть направлятися тільки особам, які будуть відібрані для інтерв’ю. Будь ласка, не телефонуйте додатково.

Заявки приймаються до 01 жовтня 2023 року. Якщо відповідні кандидати будуть визначені достроково, Освітня фундація “GoGlobal” залишає за собою право завершити процес до  цього терміну.

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